What’s involved

Open to musicians of 13 years of age or over on Jan 1st 2023.
Students live and breathe music for a week under expert guidance.

Everyone experiences:

Arrangement workshops
Composition workshops
Trad Orchestra
Various other activities
Finale Concert

During the week, students also attend concerts given by tutors and other
artistes and various workshops and presentations. All meals supplied on

General information

Advanced players only!
The instrumental workshops cater for players of various abilities but they are not suitable for beginners. Players need to have at least four years of experience and be able to play reels at dance tempo with ornamentation. During the application process, all must upload a recording of themselves playing a reel – so that we can grade you into appropriate classes beforehand. Meitheal is tough going. Don’t come unless you have a trad music obsession!

Will I enjoy the sessions?
At Meitheal, students are so busy that sessions tend to be of limited duration squeezed between various activities or for an hour before bed. However, they provide a great opportunity for social mixing and enjoyment.

How big will the workshops be?
There is an upper limit of around 10 in all workshops, but most are smaller. Early enrollment is an advantage this year.  In any event, applications close on March 24th. Please note that we reserve the right to cancel individual workshop options if we have not had sufficient applicants by the closing date. Should this occur, you will be offered a full refund or a place in an alternative workshop.

What will we be working towards?
Students appear in several minor events during the week and also perform with the orchestra and tutors in the Finale Concert.