Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy Statement

We in Meitheal Residential Summer School are committed to a student-centred approach to our work with children and young people. We undertake to provide a safe environment and experience, where the welfare of the young person is paramount. We will adhere to the recommendations of
Children First: National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children, published by the Department of Health and Children. We have implemented procedures covering:

– Code of behaviour for all staff
– Reporting of suspected or disclosed abuse
– Confidentiality
– Recruitment and selecting staff
– Managing and supervising staff
– Involvement of primary carers
– Allegations of misconduct or abuse by staff
– Complaints and comments
– Incidents and accidents

Meitheal Child Safeguarding Statement is available at this link.
If you wish to have a copy of the entire Child Protection policy,
please contact and we will forward same.

Garry Shannon (co-ordinator)